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Title: Candles for Cuddles

Author: Rosie Denn

Artist: Salmagundi

Beta: Jizena

Pairing(s)/characters: Butters, Dougie, Hamster minions

Rating: PG/K+

Summary: It's hard to lose someone, even when that someone is a loyal pet hamster minion of chaos.

Warnings: (Animal) character death.

Notes: Thanks to the mods of SPBB/SPRMB for continuing to create super fun and collaborative events that bring out fantastic creativity in everyone involved and for being so on top of everything; I am constantly impressed with the superior management of these events. Also, as always, to Jizena for betaing and her constant support. And to Salmagundi for creating a piece of Butters/Professor Chaos art, especially one that has such obvious emotional feeling, so that I could write about my favorite little fella! ^__^

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My South Park Big Bang Story is up!

Go check it out!!!

Title: Single Room, Double Bed
Author: Rosie Denn
Artists: southartist
Beta: Jizena
Pairings/characters: Stan/Kyle; Kenny McCormick; Eric Cartman
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Stan and Kyle go on a trip and end up sharing a lot more than they anticipated. Once they return to their hometown, Kyle realizes that Stan is exhibiting some peculiar behavior, which he cannot ignore.
Warnings: Use of harsh language, some minor sexual situations, no nudity
Notes: I typically have challenges seeing any of my stories through to completion, and, thanks to this event, I finally completed a fic longer than 5000 words! So, I want to extend my appreciation to the mods on this event for helping me achieve a personal goal as a writer. Also for putting together a bang-up website to host all this great work everyone is contributing. Thanks also to the artist and my beta! Couldn't have done this without you, Jizena! (Literally, since the thing that inspired this story involved you, even! XD )

Also, the amount of work and the quality is outstanding, so check out the Big Bang website regardless!!
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Kingdom Hearts Big Bang

Well, the South Park Big bang is now complete...... so I've signed up for another one!
I've joined the Kingdom Hearts Big Bang!! It promises to be just as fantastic an event as the SP one, so I'm wicked excited. Also, I'm glad that I will have something to finally get my butt in gear to write some KH stories. They've actually been in my head the longest, but have also been the longest in development. Hopefully, that means the end result will be of higher quality, but I'm not going to necessarily promise anything. XP

I'm excited to start seriously writing~!!!

If there are any artists out there who are also KH fans, the artist sign-up is still open, so please check it out.
khbigbang . livejournal . com (just take out the spaces)
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About Me

I realized I should probably say a bit more about myself.

I'm a fairly new active participant of the online community, in terms of having any real presence. My main reason for joining is to get out these little fanfic nuggets that have been bouncing around in my head for some time now. Particularly the idea I have going for a next-life AkuRoku fic for Kingdom Hearts. It's going to be very long and detailed (i.e. as canon as possible), so I'm trying to have it mostly worked out before I begin posting, and that's taking longer than expected. You can read the couple stories I have managed to complete thus far here: (ironically, neither of which have to do with Kingdom Hearts. XP )
I am also helping to author (another reason I've been distracted from the KH track lately) a collaborative South Park story with my good friend Jizena, entitled The Mysterion Mythos: Cthulhu Fhtagn. It's an epic delving into Kenny's connection with the Cthulhu Cult also including plenty of action with Mysterion and Friends, some Style, and Butters/Professor Chaos/Marjorine. It has multiple narrators and plenty of plot twists and developing relationships. I kind of absolutely love it (even if I wasn't aiding in its development), so please check that out! This one is posted on Jizena's page:

That's all for now. As the SPBB continues, no doubt more nuggets will pop up and I'll have to develop them as well!
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I'm on LJ!

Hello Internet!
Here I am, carving out another little niche for myself on your information super-highway.
I will admit the main reason I'm joining is to participate in the South Park Big Bang. Time will tell if I will update this journal appropriately.